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Guardian Animals.

Birds in-fact any guardian animal have your ever asked yourself "how do they decide which tree, den, rock to sleep in nightly"? Do you feel…

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The witness

Witness, observe with full attention in this now moment. Need proof there is only this NOW moment? Read more from one of my many favorite…

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You can't wait for the bad to disappear to start being happy! If as you do you'll always be waiting to be happy. Happiness starts…

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about me

Leiza specializes in guiding her students & clients from their perceived limited caterpillar cocoon surroundings to a merging transformational butterfly allowing this rebirth of courage & resilience to magical experiences they couldn’t even imagine

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Our guardian angels have traveled with us throughout our entire life here on earth with mission, purpose and our lessons at the forefront of the focus.

Are there times in your life you wish all your answers would come as quickly as the questions presented to current circumstances. Well your guardian angel to the rescue is at your service.

By asking your guardian angel coming to the rescue, they will reveal what you need to know.

Mindfulness awakening plays a significant part hearing the reply.

As when you become still, calm and centered your awareness expands in this now moment where all your rescue s.o.s help resides, this includes your true soul-self. As you bathe in this now moment pressing the stop button on life the radio station becomes tuned into your support team frequency.

Your vibration rises to match your guardian angel’s messages that are always guiding yet to hear the rescue message the frequency must match.

Each and every moment your soul-self is looking directly out from your human eyes seeing everything transpiring, working side by side with your guardian angel nudging, inspiring your every step. If you are willing to first state your desire keeping in mind the answer will always be for the highest good of all, then feel gratitude with everything currently in your life really feeling this within your heart center raising your vibration, remaining quiet for a period of time surrendering and letting go of the outcome. The magic will begin with your guardian angel providing the rescue answer.

We live within a different pool of vibration, so you’ll notice desires, thoughts and dreams whether positive or negative manifest quickly before your eyes, keeping in mind what you focus upon expands and will find it’s match in your current experience showing you evidence of your current focused allowing.

This is where your guardian angel can come to the rescue as by co creating together knowing your purpose and current desire, when you feel good you’re on the correct path in bringing your desire to you, and when feeling bad their advice will be pause, take a step back.

Then ask “thank you for the warning please reveal to me what I need to know with the current direction I’m proposing?”

Paying attention to images, thoughts that come into your awareness these are guidance steps from your angel support team projecting messages that are meaningful to your understanding and comprehension. When you become still this spiritual dimension enters your life and you are always rescued.

There is nothing more important to your guardian angel than coming to your daily rescue. Just ask, trust allowing for magical possibilities enabling your life’s path to bring miracles.



Your metamorphic mystic companion on this earth journey.

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Lemurian Quartz

Ancient wisdom from the past to aid current times.

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