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Being a loner from an early age enabled me to cultivate listening feeling and a strong sense of knowing allowing to discern universal truths. I questioned reality as most saw and experienced it. Was what I experienced real or was there more to me that was ‘aware’. Researching existence & deep thinking are my passion’s. Just visit my home and you’ll find more book shelves than furniture. For the past decade I’ve committed myself to service-no television no cell phone no distractions. Going through so much pain and suffering especially growing up I realized quickly all were my teachers allowing me to grow, walk toward courage strength, cultivating resilience. Life is our curriculum everything being a mirror a reflection if we so choose to embrace as our teacher. This is how I live my life in this ‘now’ present vibrational magical moment in this time-space reality. Enabling me to fully understand all I work with currently, guiding them toward loving themselves ‘hearing’ their support team, their personal GPS. Working with ‘our’ support team daily brings a sense of peace calmness & compassion toward self & others. This is my gift to you experiencing your guardian Angel and all angels that surround your world. Lets walk this journey together allowing our guardian angel’s to reveal what is for our highest good and growth. Warmly your teacher & student Leiza.

Leiza specializes in guiding her students & clients from their perceived limited caterpillar cocoon surroundings to a merging transformational butterfly allowing this rebirth of courage & resilience to magical experiences they couldn’t even imagine

  • Six-sensory Intuitive.
  • Certified angel guide.
  • certified spiritual life coach.
  • Certified Homeopath CHom.
  • Reiki practitioner.
  • Crystal-chakra healer.
  • Mindfulness-awareness coach.
  • Guardian-Angel Oracle card Intuitive reader.