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Amethyst-stilling your mind.

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  • Amethyst-stilling your mind.

Amethyst-stilling your mind.

We could suggest multiple crystals for healing, growth and expansion.

Yet in current times we want to assist you all on the emotional and mental realm.

Amethyst assists in stilling the monkey mind of chaotic thoughts, excellent as a stress reliever, improves motivation, and dispels anger, fear and anxiety.

Go treat yourself to a small Amethyst crystal placing it either under your pillow while enjoying tranquil sleep, wearing as a necklace close to your heart, or perhaps just in plain sight on your office work desk reminding you of her powerful vibrations that emit a frequency to assist your unique journey.

Be sure to comment below your experiences/we love to hear and chat with your all in the 4 corners of this great earth

Amethyst-stilling your mind.

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