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April 2021

April 2021

Time for renewal, creation, intentions & dreams set into motion.

We are within a different pool of vibration so you’ll  see desires, thoughts dreams manifesting quickly before your eyes, keeping in mind what you focus upon with strong emotions will find it’s match in our current earth time realm and deliver these experiences to you showing evidence of your current allowing.

Keeping your focus on what you want and feeling your way to it is the magic key to your dreams.

See it, feel it, live it ‘as-if’ already delivered, loving the current life with such awe and gratitude, and as you do your vibration remains high to see the visible that was once invisible.

You see ‘everything’ is already here for us, we just need to keep our vibration high enough to see the invisible ink once we pass our body over showing the letters guiding our every step.

Life coaching is my passion.

Need guidance post your request and we will be happy to guide you toward your dreams and desires, especially as your Guardian angel and soul-self knows your current circumstances, purpose and contracts.

Can’t wait to hear from you all, much warmth love and light Leiza

April 2021

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