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Archangel prayers are always delivered, Six Archangels deliver your prayer’s & support to each personal guardian angel. Archangel prayers are your doorway to many important questions requesting assistance.

Looking for faith trust and benevolence? Call upon Archangel Michele and Archangel Faith.

How about love and acceptance? Call upon Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Hope.

Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Charity will ensure your prayers are being delivered.

We all have our very own special personal guardian angel, and many have heard or read about the Archangels who look over each of the guardian angels, overseeing their duties ensuring their purpose is fulfilled with each human on earth and all archangel prayers being delivered.

Archangel Michele being one of the four most well known archangels works very closely with every guardian angel, remembering that ‘all’ angels are multidimensional, meaning they are able to be everywhere, anywhere at anytime with everyone.

You can pray to the archangels for protection, to diffuse a difficult situation, for magical outcomes, to shed light on your purpose even to experience a intermit relationship with them daily assisting your earth journey, your archangel prayers are always heard!

If your looking protection, faith, trust and benevolence ask your guardian angel to pray with you calling upon Archangel Michele and archangel Faith, to shield you with their light, surround you with the vibration of trust and faith, and seeing the spark of light and love within everyone you encounter.

For as you pray to the archangels they hold this space of light around them diffusing fear, anger and judgment.

Are you looking to be nurtured, loved and accepted unconditionally? Archangel prayers to the delivery!

Your guardian angel can call upon archangel Gabriel and archangel Hope. They both help us recognize and trust the support we have with our personal guardian angels.

We only have to pray to archangel Gabriel or Hope asking and knowing in our hearts it will be delivered once we surrender to this divine intervention, allowing this love to move toward us and through us.

By bringing truth and acceptance to the world and ourselves we open up magical possibilities for transformation to take place not only within our own being, but allowing ‘us’ to accept other’s on their path unconditionally.

Are you feeling your prayers are not being heard nor answered? Archangel prayers are never not delivered nor answered, just ask and surrender to the unfolding!

Sit quietly with your guardian angel and ask to invoke Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Charity.

When you pray to archangel Chamuel & Charity,

Allow them to draw close within your vibrational energy field to feel their most powerful love for you and all the great work you’re doing here on earth.

Sit quietly dear friends, ask your questions in prayer form for the highest good of all, knowing all three are close listening.
Then listen mindfully as all prayers are delivered, be open to receiving the answers that you need to hear instead of the answers your wanting to hear.

Your guardian angel will assist in this dialogue, helping you to interpret for your unique understanding.

Whether it’s in the form of pictures sent to you in your minds eye, or images on a movie screen, perhaps a song will play multiple times over the next few days with your answers.

Keep a look out for repeated numbers on your clocks or license plates, as they love to bring message to you through numerology.

Perhaps you purchased a book long ago that’s sitting on your shelf and you suddenly remember it.

You just received a download from the prayers delivered to the archangels  showing you where your answer lies.

If you looking to find purpose, not only does you guardian angel know your personal mission of why your here on earth, Archangel Chamuel and archangel Charity  helps you see just by being of service to others you are fulfilling your purpose here on your earth journey in physical human form.

Both these archangels along with your guardian angel will help you cultivate patience, trust and love toward self and others.

A prayer is solemn request for help and expression, when you pray to the archangels you hand over your trust and a natural communication of the created with the creator, bringing a sense of peace and love into your life.


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