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Benefits Of Black Obsidian

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Benefits Of Black Obsidian

The benefits of black obsidian in  eliminating negative energies your psychic vacuum cleaner are profoundly powerful!

Black obsidian crystals are magically powerful especially to ground our human bodies to mother earth helping us feel safe secure and centered.

Post pandemic is now the time to incorporate these wonderful healing crystals using them daily as tools to assist you emotionally, especially if overwhelmed or too busy to step outside on mother earth magnetic ground.

These black obsidian crystals will ground you in no-time.

Black Obsidian is such a powerful grounding stone stimulating the root chakra and your Earth-star chakra enabling you to walk in current times feeling stable, rooted in your power yet with gentleness.

These crystals are extremely protective removing energetic attachments and cords that you may have picked up from the collective consciousness especially if your in service for humanity with empathic qualities.

These crystals create a protective shield around your body assisting you to remain centered facing any of life’s negativity and emotional stored patterns from your auric field than can also block energies within the physical body.

On our blog discussion March 29th (go take a peak again) we asked “what’s your favorite crystal to work with, carry, wear or sleep with”?

The benefits of black obsidian also assist our four legged companions by placing these volcanic rocks closely around their body while sleeping.

Just  tuck the black obsidian safely into a pillow case sealed shut, placing the pillow in their basket to sleep you’ll notice a profound calmness the next morning in their emotional body.

Go treat yourself and your canine or feline to ones of these amazing earth crystals you will not be disappointed.

Want to learn more in-depth knowledge or experience your very own crystal healing session tailored to your health issues, desires and purpose?  Go to the dropdown tab and book some time together.

Go purchase some black obsidian to experience and share with the whole family.

If you’d like to know more about crystals in general go to my additional readings.

Drop us a line in the comments below of your experiences with this powerful pandemic healing balancing crystal’s.

Benefits Of Black Obsidian

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