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You can't wait for the bad to disappear to start being happy! If as you do you'll always be waiting

Prayers to the Archangels for answers

Six Archangels deliver your prayer's & support to each personal guardian angel. 1. Looking for faith trust and benevolence? Call

June special for the first 11

First 11 that sign up 'will' receive a 1 hour FREE session to ask 'any' nutritional question and receive professional

The Clutter Life Coach.

Leiza as many are aware guides people professionally to gain a sense of direction, a sense of connection assisting to

Month Four, June.

Thus far we have explored Grounding ourselves, listening to our thoughts, surrendering to life allowing all to flow. This Month

commitment on Earth.

Over the past few months I've been asking my higher-self and Angel some deep very important questions. "What do you

What You Focus On Expands

Yes, it's a primary universal law that whatever you focus on expands. Every word, sentence and thought no-matter, it will


When you name it you claim it. By placing the I AM in front of your desire you align with

Ambition or Meaning?

Are focused on ambition or more importantly is there meaning to your ambition? Are you doing for others in service


The Shift by DR Wayne W. Dyer is a life changer. These virtues I've absorbed practiced and do my best

The rhythm of my soul.

When I align myself with my soul-the rhythm of my soul I live in my natural frequency, allowing mind and

FREE Wellness coaching session via zoom.

Yes free without any strings attached. What I have come to understand within our current times is professional support is

Ego and spirit.

What does every human, animal, mammal, insect, plant and rock all have in common? The opportunity to 'BE' in this

The Violet Flame for month three.

With saint Germain's violet flame the word to focus upon and mindfully incorporate walking the "path to your true-self" is

Month three Saint Germain.

This month you'll experience the incredible saint Germain the keeper of the violet flame, the man of miracles. Within our

Meditation poem.

It's time to quiet my mind, stop the resistant thought's, as when I do I now have access to my

Green crystals.

Green being your heart chakra color working with green crystals in general will assist you feeling, connecting and activating this

Emotions (part three).

Not only embrace all of them with curiosity, without judgement, observing then consciously, and as you do they loose their

How To Cleanse With Selenite

Have you ever wondered how to cleanse negativity with selenite? If you would like to learn how to cleanse with

Rose Quartz your heart opener.

Rose Quartz is one of the most powerful of the spiritual allies in the crystal family. Reawakening the heart soothing

Feeling’s and emotions (part three).

Now lets discuss FEELINGS & EMOTIONS and what are they? Does the body feel the emotion or the mind feel

Now + emotion = clarity (part two).

Angelic help is your birth right, just ASK in these being's of light and they will instantly be by your

Now + Emotion = Clarity.

Now more than ever before on earth we are all looking for clarity in these turmoil times. I'm here to

Calmness in 5 minutes.

Stand outside & breath facing south. Look to the west, what do you notice that pleases your eye and brings

Benefits Of Black Obsidian

The benefits of black obsidian in  eliminating negative energies your psychic vacuum cleaner are profoundly powerful! Black obsidian crystals are

Is Reality Real?

The absence of the observer, is there a physical world in the absence of us observing it, is reality real?

Month two, Archangel Uriel & your Sacral chakra.

Month two the 'circle of my creation' invites you to invoke and connect with Archangel Uriel the angel of light.

Fear and the overwhelming feeling

Ponder this for a few moments, feeling fear or being overwhelmed ALL stems from thoughts attached to the past or

Simplistic tools.

Many fantastic teachers provide in-depth guidance for mindfulness healing techniques, yet they can be complex and difficult to understand for

The only way out is in.

To break the synapse neuron pathway is to face what you are avoiding. Once faced, observed from awareness perspective each

Prayer for your mornings.

Thankyou guardian angel for standing at the forefront of my heart and mind guiding my every step toward my highest


In the stillness we hear our every step provided. Each day we invite you to be still for 5 minutes

Do you feel firmly rooted?

Becoming a witness of yourself, others and your environment is what needs our full attention currently, so we can be

I surrender.

Surrender? Happiness is in this now moment I've come to found out. That's enough as each moment within any moment

April 2021

Time for renewal, creation, intentions & dreams set into motion. We are within a different pool of vibration so you'll 

Thought’s are within our control.

Every thought you think and emotion you feel we have full control over, as thoughts and feelings are not real.

What’s your favorite crystal?

Citrine?  Kyanite?  Jet?  Dioptase?  Or perhaps Shungite or any of the Quartz family? Post your favorite and stories why. Once

Angelic wellness life coaching.

Over the past 12  months 'we' have all experienced some form of wellness stress and more than likely allowed our

Amethyst-stilling your mind.

We could suggest multiple crystals for healing, growth and expansion. Yet in current times we want to assist you all

A new friend.

Each crystal has a specific vibration frequency and amplitude that resonates with other energies of desirable qualities and traits. Find

What do cell phones, computers and crystals all have in common?

A quartz crystal! All cell phone and computers can only store, transmit, receive and program information with the quartz crystal

Your personal crystal.

Are you so stressed, all in your head needing to be grounded? Is your heart heavy with current worldly events?

Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists, here lies peace.

This quote From the Course of Miracles shows us that what 'we' see with our human vision is not reality,

Circle of my creation experiencing True-self.

The journey within can be exciting, challenging, frightening, uncertain and life changing. All these emotions will surface yet as you


Attention, are you in awareness of  this moment and what is for your highest good? Attention, can you hear awareness

Why am I here on earth & how can I be of service?

Are these two questions that keep coming to mind daily-weekly? IF so through the readings Lezia facilitates we bring her

Thoughts are not facts.

Have you ever wondered really where any given thought comes from? Guidance? Ego? personality? collective consciousness? If you answered yes

Thoughts are not facts/part one.

Thoughts are not facts, overthinking = control. Anger + frustration = control = EGO wanting to control the given situation.

Do you believe in Angels?

Send a comment or experience of angels in your life. How did they appear to you? In color? Feeling? Knowing?

Guardian Angel Guidance

How she/he guides you on any given day. “You know me so well, all my ideas desire, family, and work

Chakra-Crystal Wisdom

It is with great pleasure and honor to introduce you all to my teachers and healers within the crystal realm.

Vibrational Shift Tools

Thoughts!!! Beliefs!!! Emotions!!! Behavior!!! SO powerful, so vibrational. In our current times with the earths vibrational shift it is imperative

Oracle card angelic readings

I am honored and excited with the readings we will embark upon together seeking guidance support and answers to all

Professional Personally Tailored Life Coaching Guidance

Balance! This is one of their magic guidance tools, one that took me sometime to embrace except and master. Without

Now Present Mindfulness Techniques

Now + emotion = Clarity. Infinite possibilities come when you are in awareness-this NOW moment. Co-creating in the ‘now’ with

The Circle Calendar of My Creation

The Archangels are such powerful beings of vibrational love and light-when you invoke them within your energy field there is