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Circle of my creation experiencing True-self.

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Circle of my creation experiencing True-self.

The journey within can be exciting, challenging, frightening, uncertain and life changing.

All these emotions will surface yet as you walk through life you’ll hear a quiet inner voice steering, nudging, prompting you to follow their guidance.

Without quiet reflective, contemplative, introspective time this voice can be difficult to hear over our hectic ego driven personality.

Each month I invite you to experience ‘the circle of creation, the path to our true-self’.

Month one to aid yourself call upon Archangel Michael and focus on your root chakra grounding you to the earth bringing your awareness to the forefront and ego in the background in it’s rightful place.

Grounding is the foundation, stay as long as you wish with this first month moving into a second month if grounding yourself is a challenge.

Research black crystals to aid grounding your being such as black Tourmaline or black Obsidian, any black crystals that resonate with you is perfect. Then call upon archangel Michael to aid your sitting quiet time each day asking “Archangel Michael thank you for drawing close and assisting me on this earth journey reveling to me what I need to know, thank you for placing your shield of light around me while I sit and listen to your wisdom you offer as well as my Guardian angle’s voice of knowledge”.

Then sit and enjoy the process focusing on your root chakra with roots traveling deep down into mother earth, imagining a beautiful large crystal deep in her womb waiting for you to attach these roots to this bright  ball of light, this crystal will appear different to you all.  Also feel with awareness your black crystal placed in your hand and any loving messages that come to you from the angelic realm.

For one month daily allow this experience to unfold uniquely for you as I have just provided a simple outline to get you started, now make it your own journey.

Be sure to share your experiences below in the comments.

With love and light Leiza

Circle of my creation experiencing True-self.

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