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Do you feel firmly rooted?

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Do you feel firmly rooted?

Becoming a witness of yourself, others and your environment is what needs our full attention currently, so we can be in a centered deep rooted responsive state.

When we step into this state aligning our true functions as a spirit/soul higherself what ever name you prefer we become cleansed of all past programs, ideas, assumptions and judgments.

To be a witness requires being ‘neutral’ so we are then coming from a curious space that doesn’t hold anything about what is happening, then the far bigger picture will reveal itself far beyond what the ego can or could comprehend.

How you may ask?

Ask yourself ” is this thought I’m thinking true and useful”?

Then just allow the thought, observe it’s character, personality.

Does it feel positive, light, loving, supportive as an example.

If not question the thought either within your mind or better yet outload asking ” is what your stating actually true, real factual?

Delve deep into the thought get to the root cause. Perhaps it’s a past memory that’s been triggered by the current thought, or a fear that has lived with you for many years that no longer applies or doesn’t warrant your attention as you have moved on from this past experience.

By being the ‘observer’ of your mind the true you the ‘awareness’ can stand firmly rooted in the eye of any storm, allowing the current of emotions and thoughts to be examined with a broader prospective, questioning and feeling the texture being able to discern if it’s ego fear based thoughts or actual guidance, soft mono like, calm and supportive in nature.

Root yourself daily by holding Hematite.

Go research this powerful crystal as this magnificent Hematite with ground, reflect and bring tremendous calmness to your entire state of being.

Do you feel firmly rooted?

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