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Fear and the overwhelming feeling

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Fear and the overwhelming feeling

Ponder this for a few moments, feeling fear or being overwhelmed ALL stems from thoughts attached to the past or future.

Bringing past experiences to the present moment of memory with your current situation and then possible comparisons.

Thinking of potential future outcomes again attaching them to the current situation of comparison.

Feeling ‘as-if’ you don’t have enough time to get everything done is only felt when your thoughts are in the future of “too much to accomplish in the time frame I have”.

Fearing the future with any situation is just chaining your current thoughts to past experiences or possible scary future outcomes that you may feel will manifest.

All can be remedied by one simple formula.

It’s impossible again impossible to feel fear of be overwhelmed when you live fully in the PRESENT moment.

Yes this takes practice, however we/I ensure you that it is within your human reach to accomplish, I for sure know this to be true once I was given this advice from my angelic team and practiced daily multiple times living in the absolute present moment.

My life change dramatically especially when anyone of these two feeling’s surfaced I just STOPPED, brought myself back to the current moment and asked myself ” is this thought true and if it is or not is it useful”?

Then I was able to realize 99% of any given time I was bringing past memories or future possible outcomes in to the equation and not trusting the unfolding of my current experience.

As remember when you and I live in the PRESENT moment our awareness expands and we HEAR guidance clearly.

Our AWARENESS is our true-self and as it expands it directs us profoundly.

So you see by living in the PRESENT moment our path is lit brightly and we are to navigate with calmness and clarity.

Go try it out and post your experiences so ‘we’ all can learn from each others journey.

Leiza and the angelic team.

Fear and the overwhelming feeling

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