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Now lets discuss FEELINGS & EMOTIONS and what are they?

Does the body feel the emotion or the mind feel the emotion?

Where does the emotion come from? Feeling’s are tricky as we need to discern if they are coming from ego mind or Awareness.

Your INNER-BEING feels and transmits.

Allow us to explain in simple terms.
Your body your physical body is a biological vibrational being.
Your INNER-BEING is a vibrational being (just resonating at a higher frequency).
He-she transmits vibrations as a GPS guidance system.

Your INNER-BEING lives in and around your biological vibrational body while also residing on the other side of the veil.
So it stands to reason that if your THINKING statement of action or DESIRE is on the same page as he-she knows it to bring you joy, success, happiness and peace.

Then he-she will vibrate good feelings about the subject and this vibration will be felt as good to you.

If on the other hand you choose a desire or action (remembering at all times you have free will) and a path you feel you need or should take and he-she knows currently this will not bring you joy or enjoyment allowing all to flow with the correct player’s all lined up with ease, you will FEEL CRAPPY.

It’s ‘as-if’ your INNER-BEING looked the other direction and thus this VIBRATION didn’t feel good to you.

Remember your INNER-GPS knows all your thoughts, desires, dreams, lessons, challenges and purpose.
Your only job is to place attention on how you FEELING in every given moment of your desires and questions.

If you feel good, calm and confidant (you can still feel a little nervous or anxious yet YOU at the same time will feel like “I got this some how”) then your in alignment with what they know is for your highest good.

If you feel defeated, crappy, sad, fearful and low self-esteem it’s the EGO personality in the drivers seat.

Lets lovingly ask him-her to sit in the back seat within their rightful place and ask your GPS guidance to stand at the forefront of your heart and mind once more to navigate the current situation with ease.


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