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Guardian Animals.

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Guardian Animals.

Birds in-fact any guardian animal have your ever asked yourself “how do they decide which tree, den, rock to sleep in nightly”?

Do you feel these guardian animals ponder to themselves through-out the course of their day ” well tonight I’ll find a tree with a branch 7 feet from the ground making sure it’s round enough, and for sure plenty of leaves to hide me from danger”.

Of course they don’t!

All animals live in the NOW moment, as should we!

So going back to our simple Bird example when the time arrives to settle down nightly their NOW  MOMENT GUIDANCE will direct them intuitively to the branch of comfort, safety and warmth.

In other words their guidance is given step by step-moment-by-moment in every now moment, they trust all will be provided and guided in the present.

All animals live within this powerful intuitive moment, just watch this incredible story of this animal TEACHER and see for yourself.

Our present moment is where our power lives and our guidance resides. When we flow with the rhythms of source consciousness.

My point is simple we humans complicate everything and suffer needlessly.

Yes it’s fantastic to plan, create, have intentions and desires.

Then come back into your present moment and allow the intuitive wisdom within to point the ways to your desire’s letting go of attachment to the outcome.

For when we do all possibilities open far and wide leaving room for magical outcomes to be experienced we couldn’t even begin to imagine.

Guardian Animals.

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