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You can’t wait for the bad to disappear to start being happy!

If as you do you’ll always be waiting to be happy.

Happiness starts ‘now’ in this moment, fully grateful for even the smallest of things in your life.

Such as: a roof over your head, food on the table, easy access to a grocery stores, a fridge-freezer, a bed to sleep upon.

Not to mention being in total control of your thoughts and what you chose to focus upon.

Happiness starts within and only there will it flourish enabling you viable evidence in your perceivable reality.

Remember you can’t wait for all to look fantastic or perfect to then experience happiness, happiness is enjoying the journey not aiming just for the destination.

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In our current times it can be a challenge to focus upon the simplistic yet this is where the magic lives.

We come into this life from the spirit world with nothing and we will leave with nothing, therefore materialistic items don’t bring long-term happiness.

Only seeing, hearing and feeling beauty with an open heart in the stillness brings happiness.

Being of service giving freely without expectations also¬† brings ‘tremendous heart felt joy.

As the song many years ago touched many hearts and souls “Don’t worry be happy” is a great reminder to not sweat so much the small stuff and stop waiting for everything to line up to be happy.

Happiness starts now!


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