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How To Cleanse With Selenite

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How To Cleanse With Selenite

Have you ever wondered how to cleanse negativity with selenite?

If you would like to learn how to cleanse with selenite, first go purchase a selenite plate/crystal. Ever came home feeling drained and overly exhausted not knowing why? Perhaps you’re eating balanced, working out daily, keeping up with your journal affirmations and intentions. Yet, you are still feeling so drained.  You’re thinking to yourself …”what is going on”? “I’m being proactive with my wellness yet still feeling exhausted”.

We have the answer and better yet the easy solution. When we walk out into the world daily we encounter a sea-of-energy that we swim with.The sea of everyone’s vibration.

Imagine living in a gigantic swimming pool where as you move so does the current around you that ripples out in all directions bouncing off every object and person. This vibrational energy boomerangs back to the source original source, YOU! Now ‘if’ the energy traveling back to your field around your body is of a positive high vibration all good. You still feel great all day. Yet ‘if’ you encounter a lower negative, angry, anxious or frustrated being this energy once again boomerangs back into your energy field. Yes, there are many ways to shield. However, I’ve come to understand through much experience this requires a strong INTENTION mind set ability. So ‘we’ wish to gift you with an easy method that’s fun for the whole family including the four legged companions.

Selenite dissolves blockages and allows more light of higher vibrations to enter your field.

SELENITE plate/crystal as it is one of the most effective at cleansing the energy field from lower-vibrational energies and negativity. Just standing, hold the long selenite crystal and comb your energy field. Imagine how you comb your canine or feline with their brush, now comb your field in the same manner YET keep around 1-2″ away from your body. Just sweep the crystal around your head, down your arms, torso, legs and feet allowing all energy that the selenite picks up for you to transmute into the earth. Just keep coming your field until intuitively knowing when to stop. Go comb the feline and canine if you find their behavior is not of the norm, perhaps they too have picked up on some energies that don’t resonate with their field of vibration (be sure not to let them chew on the selenite crystal). This is especially useful directly before sleep time, aiding a restful tranquil deep sleep. Waking feeling refreshed centered and well rested.

Click here if you’d like to learn more about working with crystals.

Happy cleansing, Leiza.

How To Cleanse With Selenite

how to cleanse with selenite from the angels
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