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When you name it you claim it!

By placing this POWERFUL phase in front of your desire you align with that frequency.

You become aligned vibrationally whether it’s a wanted desire or unwanted, as the universe is an all inclusive vibrational field not exclusive.

Therefore be careful what you ask for especially placing I AM in front, refer to this Article “The Witness” to assist your journey.

Examples to get your started in the structured content: I AM tired or  broke, perhaps your thinking your  over-weight and are focused on the weight instead of your desired outcome with acceptance of what is currently. 

As this is what is in this moment.

By being with what is in this now moment you release the resistance to what is enabling you to be present with what is, and hear guidance toward change from your true-self and not EGO that loves to keep you in resistance to what is

As you state these sentences you align with what your asking-stating and therefore ‘will’ create more of your desire.

Yes I know what your really wanting, the opposite of the stated desire, yet unfortunately the universe doesn’t work that way.
Again it’s worth repeating, there is only inclusion not exclusion.

Here are the affirmative ways of creating your desire from the above examples:

I AM gaining strength, abundant and grateful with all I currently have. I AM loosing weight steadily with ease.

Notice I state these desires in the current NOW MOMENT.

These words spoken are  the most powerful statement’s you can incorporate within your vocabulary daily, as is living in the NOW MOMENT.

Just be sure your stating what you want and not what you wish you had and focusing on the lack of.


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