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I surrender.

I surrender.


Happiness is in this now moment I’ve come to found out.

That’s enough as each moment within any moment is all we need to feel centered and calm.

My peace is right now, listening allowing everything in this moment to just unfold, this I’ve come to understand is where ‘all’ my answers live.

Am I being guided in this moment? Why when I’m practicing this now moment do I feel as ease? She must be at the forefront of my heart and mind.

Is she guiding me step by step when I relinquish control, surrender to their guidance?

I’m still not certain but something deep inside of me knows this is true, It’s my job to trust placing ego rightfully in the back ground where she belongs as this area of my guidance is not her expertise.

I am surrounded by angels on my left, right, before me, behind, above and below.

Surely this is enough to hear their guidance?

My job is listen, discern and surrender.  Surrender? WOW!!! She is a challenge but that’s all I have left in me now. I’m tired of fighting, struggling, arguing “just let go” are the thoughts projected “there’s is a sacred plan” I’m told “just let go we will guide you”.

I am awareness living within a physical vessel-it just feels so tight in here, I want out yet I’m here for a while to learn, grow, expand, laugh, love and shine my unique light.

I may as well surrender as in this moment as when I do I truly do feel at peace.

Life is a dance with spirit who knows my purpose, path agreements.

I think I’ll just allow her to lead the dance, what have I got to loose?

I surrender.

bronze archangel statue
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