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Is Reality Real?

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Is Reality Real?

The absence of the observer, is there a physical world in the absence of us observing it, is reality real?


If as Wayne Dyer described “change the way you look at things and the things you look at change”, then wouldn’t this observation tell us that ‘we’ are the observer of our realities, and is reality real?

If so we have the capability to experience and observe with awareness consciousness with unlimited possibilities?

Consciousness is independent of mind-body because it’s infinite with every possibility imaginable.

So what we observe with our 5 senses are likely to become ‘our’ reality.

As many of you reading this can  confirm if your standing next to your friend at the ocean side or looking up to the clouds both of you will perceive a totally different experience from your observation standing point.

Yet is one wrong and the other correct due to the observing experience view point?

So this brings me to 3 areas for your contemplation:

Imperfection,       (nothing is perfect).

Impermanence,       (noting is permanent).

No-self ,            if their is no-self and only awareness observing this experience then ‘we’ can’t get it wrong, just doing our best  leading by example with our actions leaving this would a little better than when we arrived within this biological vessel we call a human. 

Think for a moment how much easier your daily life would be if you lived knowing perhaps these were universal truths.

Therefore as the heading states “The absence of the observer”. 

Check out the movie Wayne produced called the shift, click on the link above taking you to another blog page.

If we are not observing, do we as humans exist? The absence of the observer.

If we only exist through being the observer then what we focus upon can & could become our validated experience in physical form, here on earth fully awake to the realization this is all a dream.

A picture where our life before us is the canvas and our physical body-thoughts-emotions and 5 senses are the paint brush.

Just for fun play with this for a moment.

If you the whole being of you is actually the paint brush.

Then it stands to reason you get to paint what you observe and honor everyone else’s master peace of art as this is their unique interpretation of observation.

If nothing else it would encourage everyone to respect one-another’s ‘point of view’ whether we agree or not is not our job, it’s to play with contrast.

As life is really about contrast.

When we lovingly disagree with someone’s observation from our stand point it only encourage us to walk our observation stand point with more conviction yet allowing the difference’s to be valid and honored.

If nothing else the world would change over night if every human woke up to this idea of reality and walked with love and light in their hearts.

Love to hear from you & view points on this complex subject.

Post them below on how you experience this journey called earth school.



Is Reality Real?

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