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Mastering Emotions

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Mastering Emotions

 Embrace all of them with curiosity, without judgement, observing then consciously, and as you do they loose their grip/dissolve and pass.

Treat these emotions and thought’s the same way you would a new puppy.
With love and patience, not pushing nor rushing, just observing the process of learning allowing each emotion that doesn’t serve to fall away naturally. Mastering emotions takes patience and mindful focus!

Life is always in constant motion as are all life’s lessons, two steps forward and one back, two forward again and so on…
Its the one back that holds the greatest lesson, growth and answers.

Knowing that this is part of the equation, allowing the process to unfold for you not to you, creates a positive mind set to embrace these steps backward knowing “I’m going to learn something really cool from this so I’m willing to embrace the process”.
Very reassuring!

To assist your journey navigating EMOTIONS  use this link of one of my powerful prayer tool box, to teach and inspire how to bring yourself into this NOW MOMENT, to learn to differentiate the voice and texture of your soul-self emotion and one of the ego personality based.

To invoke assistance of the Archangel realm of choice, and connect with the companion that has traveled with you from the beginning of time, this unconditional loving personal guardian angel  wants nothing more than a strong relationship of dialogue with you,

As ‘we’ know you better than anyone on earth, your mission, purpose, gifts challenges and desires.

In providing this connection your inspirational ideas and thoughts will be coming from soul-self source & your guardian angel merging as one to speak as loud as needed in order to hear and be willing to listen, until such time your vibration rises to our level maintaining this frequency and the radio signal is crystal clear.

This process happens quite quickly if you allow and trust the process.

Are you ready to master your EMOTIONS?

To co-create with the support team you have available 24/7

Do you wish to be of service for humanity within these earth vibrational shift changes and make a difference?

Mastering Emotions

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