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Are focused on ambition or more importantly is there meaning to your ambition?

What does ‘your’ soul long for you to remember?

Are you doing for others in service with no expectations? Or too concerned what other think of your life choices?

At the forefront of your mind are you thinking me, I or ‘we’?

Are you grateful for your current circumstances looking at all that is working well and with eager anticipation for more to come?

Are you directly living the one life you have been given with all your unique gifts to share not being concerned with what might be the “norm”? Asking yourself “does this bring meaning to my path?”

Are you leading by example and inspiring those around you to see, hear, feel, support and connect as one?

Are you teaching others around you the difference between doing for others and doing for yourself?
As by doing for others you will receive automatically, it’s universal law.

Who we are and what we do = integrity.

This journey can be a mirror or lessons if we so choose to play.
What are you continually experiencing that is not to your liking?
Are you creating by default with your thoughts?

Remember what ever you ask for it is given, therefore observe your thoughts with meaning in how you are creating in every moment.
Slow down and listen to those thoughts and entertain only the ones that bring joy, calmness, peace, and service with truth, humility, integrity and light.


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