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Month two, Archangel Uriel & your Sacral chakra.

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  • Month two, Archangel Uriel & your Sacral chakra.

Month two, Archangel Uriel & your Sacral chakra.

Month two the ‘circle of my creation’ invites you to invoke and connect with Archangel Uriel the angel of light.

He assist’s us in illuminating our path to gain clarity and balance .

Also by illuminating how to be of service to humanity.

Your sacral chakra governs creativity, change, emotions, confidence, trust and flow in life.

Each morning or evening sit for a few moments asking Archangel Uriel to draw close by stating ” thankyou Archangel Uriel for drawing close and standing at the forefront of my mind and heart that I now hear your messages with clarity, I am willing to listen to your guidance for my highest good enabling me to change, grow and be of service, in full faith I thank you”.

Then while in your stillness place your hands over the lower part of your belly just below the navel where the sacral chakra resides and if possible hold any orange crystal to enhance the experience.

The word to focus upon this month is LISTEN.

Therefore listen to your thoughts, listen to guidance, listen to your fellow human companions fully while in conversation and listen to the stillness.

Just listen and when you do you’ll experience the PRESENT now moment.

Enjoy the unfolding, Leiza

Month two, Archangel Uriel & your Sacral chakra.

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