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Angelic help is your birth right, just ASK in these being’s of light and they will instantly be by your side, listen with now- emotion…

Now-emotions are your GPS.

Whether it’s an angel selected at the start of your earth journey before entering your physical body or an Archangel or even perhaps an Ascended master, choose and form a relationship with them your unique way.

When you work with your guardian angel, archangel and your support team all possibilities open-the universe opens wide and far.

Your path will be revealed step by step in this NOW-emotion MOMENT.

Not far into the future as this is ego based guidance. 

Trust that each STEP will be given as and when you need it.

Plan, dream imagine YES!!! then allow.

Surrender to the unfolding in ways you couldn’t even imagine were possible, as in the NOW the steps will be provided to these magical outcomes you desire. Focus on the now emotion moment and all will be revealed.

Deliberately think, deliberately speak switching out of auto pilot paying attention to how you feel as each moment creates your next step path of reality validation.

In doing so this enables you to slow down then FEEL BEHIND the EMOTION and behind the thought asking ” is this feeling and thought serving me”? “Does it make me happy calm, centered?”

In doing so you provide a STOP-SIGN point to switch lanes with your now-emotion at the forefront of your  awareness

Awareness being your inner guidance, awareness ALWAYS lives in the NOW-EMOTION moment where all your magical possibilities and answers reside.

Create mindfully in this NOW MOMENT with clarity of  emotion 
With love and light Leiza.

Beautiful words I leave you with from Frank Watson,

“There is the world of NOW that we can see and touch and the world of imagination that takes us where we want to go.
The magic is in the moment these two worlds touch, where we swim in the heart beat of desire and transform that into reality”.


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