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Now Present Mindfulness Techniques

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Now Present Mindfulness Techniques

Now + emotion = Clarity.

Infinite possibilities come when you are in awareness-this NOW moment.

Co-creating in the ‘now’ with source/spirit/God/Universe whatever beautiful name you label enables ‘you’ to see feel and touch the magic of imagination. Imagination is actually a memory therefore if you can imagine it with your mind you can create it in this ‘now’ divine time space reality.

‘We’ will explore and provide you all tools on: Mindfulness wakeful daily techniques. Sitting with a mindful curiosity of watching observing, exploring.
Living as a human-being v’s doing. Deliberately thinking. Cultivating a different relationship with life and her curriculum,

and SO much more here we will offer your palate.

All is happening at once, all possibilities co-exist in the NOW, the now if embraced EXPANDS, everything is divinely orchestrated in the NOW moment.

The NOW is your best friend, trust her!

Lets explore all these possibilities together here, stay-tuned

Now Present Mindfulness Techniques

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