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Now more than ever before on earth we are all looking for clarity in these turmoil times.

I’m here to let you know your magic key in these current times and actually have always been with you to navigate your journey here on earth is the HERE AND NOW.

This now moment which gives you access to your awareness, inner source self.

fearful anxiety the ego mind  can not reside in the NOW MOMENT with source, as they are incompatible giving.

You have infinite possibilities to hear what gives your life meaning, what old stories and beliefs to consider letting go that do not serve & collapse the old and merge with the new when placing your attention in the NOW moment.

When you FEEL GOOD (emotion) your co-creating with awareness inner source self-when you feel bad, depressed, fearful your soul-self is just nudging that your not in alignment with what your wanting which is clarity guidance answers.

At any given time you don’t feel good STOP.


BE and observe the thought, emotion without pushing, fixing or resisting, just ALLOW it to sit with you like a child in your arms or a puppy on your lap.

When you do the emotion-thought will loosen its grip in that NOW MOMENT.

You’ll then start to feel a tiny bit better, and as you stay with this each moment you’ll experience more clarity, calmness and peace enabling you to move in a slightly different direction with confidence.

Part two: click in the NOW above in text, Angelic help is your birth right…


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