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Why am I here?

What is my purpose?

Over the past few months I’ve been asking my higher-self Awareness and my guardian Angel some deep very important questions.

“What do you really want me to do here on earth”?
” How can I make a difference”?
“Am I on the correct path with the agreement I intended while in spirit prior to this physical experience”?
” Reveal to me what I need to know”?

“What is my purpose“?

What occurred next was quiet unusual as I was guided to obtain a large white cardboard sheet around 20″/30” and draw the following words one after the other:

Then upon contemplation was guided to live daily these truths in every moment with everyone and every circumstance I encounter.

Not an easy task yet I have worked hard on taming the Ego so I’m up for the challenge and commitment.

Are you? What is your purpose? Why are you here on earth?

If nothing else I thought “well I can’t feel worse and by living these truths feeling them and speaking them within my mind sending out these vibrational words through intention and visualization all will benefit”.

So know by stating ” I Am peace I Am”. Or “I Am gentleness I Am”.
Then when confronted by another human that perhaps is rude or just having a bad day I’ll be holding this space for them and their vibration WILL change.

Also every single day I make sure I am in service to another fellow human or animal, inspiring them toward their purpose
Whether it’s guiding them professionally as a life coach (many times free of charge), or sending an uplifting email stating “good job today…”. or purchasing a small gift and placing it on their door step.

The possibilities are endless of being in service.
Many times I encounter wild animals hit by on coming traffic, every time I stop to place them on the side walk especially if such creatures mate for life so the other will not stray into the road to be with their departed.

Many would just leave them in the road yet it’s so easy to stop put on your hazard lights on and place them along side the pathway to Passover in dignity.

You’ll be surprised what will happen, what you feel and hear, this is one of many reasons humans are here on earth.

We are the guardians to the animal kingdom, lets treat them with the same respect we would for our fellow human.

Up for the focused challenge living these powerful words to assist the current planet shift?

Lets make an evolutionary shift from our Awareness point of view, Yes?



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