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Soul. The rhythm of the soul, the heart connection doorway…

When I align myself with my soul-the rhythm of my soul I live in my natural frequency.

Allowing mind and heart to come into a knowing of what is best in every unfolding moment.

Allowing for true organization and magnetism of life.

The universe, people, experiences and opportunities that are in those frequencies to interact with me moment by moment.

BREATH deep and let it all go, hold your heart crystal allowing the journey to unfold with ease.
Call in her frequency signature.

Breath it in.

Allow the light to infuse my being traveling down from the cosmos into my stellar-gateway chakra through my soul-star chakra entering my being saturating, rejuvenating, replenishing and activating.

I ask my ‘true’-self to activate this frequency deep within the cellular level of my being.
I am now in harmony with the rhythm of my awareness my true-self.
I am moving, being, knowing, sensing, feeling, deciding and choosing from this frequency of my soul-self.
All that I am is coming into harmony.
My mind, body, heart and soul are unified as one.

I now am ready to ask “reveal to me what I need to know”?
” How can I be of service today”?
” What do I need to BE to support my body in this rhythm, to support my mind and emotions”?

My job is to SHOW-UP in this moment without attachment.

Thank you soul-self for standing at the forefront of my heart and mind so that I hear your guidance loud and clear over ego’s commentary.

I move forward NOW with confidence, courage and determination.
As each day is an opportunity to begin again.


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