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The Human-being vs The Ego

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The Human-being vs The Ego

What does every human-being have in common?

A personality called the Ego. Each moment ‘we’ choose to BE the human-being vs the EGO!

The opportunity to ‘BE’ in this present moment space-time reality.
You see Ego and Spirit can’t occupy the same space it’s absolutely impossible.
They can’t live in the same room, one has to live in the living room while the other lives in the bathroom.
Spirit ALWAYS lives in your very NOW present moment without question.
Ego lives in your past or future period no exceptions.

To read more info on our Ego from one of my favorite teachers click here as he speaks clearly on The human-being vs the EGO.

Humans are the fortunate ones in that we are able to plan ahead and use our past history to make better present moment decisions and if used wisely can be of great advantage especially with ambition and purpose.

Yet all too often the ego steps in taking us out of the PRESENT MOMENT guidance, projecting with fearful anticipation on possible outcomes, judging, doubting, regretting over past situations and allowing past grievances to dictate our current reactions.

However the MAGIC solution the very powerful remedy to all your concerns, worries, decisions, desires and dreams is to LIVE in our PRESENT MOMENT reality.

This very NOW moment?

Feel it with your body, listen not only with your ears but your body too.
This practice can be performed anywhere anytime.
Driving, washing the dishes, laundry, waking the dog or cat, any activity.

Just come into this moment and listen, feel the texture of the advice coming through.

Is it calm, loving, supportive and in the here and now?
Or judgmental, critical, fear based, with a tightness felt throughout your entire body?

Are you in the Livingroom with spirit observing allowing guidance every step of the way.
Or are you in the bathroom following the advice of the Ego.

Now don’t get me wrong we need ego to also navigate this earth plain, yet lets keep her in her rightful place.

The quiet bathroom background, allowing us to reside in the present moment living room where all our solutions reside.

On paper it’s sounds so simple and really if you think about it dear fellow human-BEINGS it is.
Being a human-BEING, just simply in every moment live now.

Yes plan, dream journal it all.

Then come back to this NOW MOMENT and listen feeling if it’s the right choice for your highest and good switching paths with guidance if necessary from spirit’s point of attraction.

Now the human-being vs the ego are within their rightful place.

The Human-being vs The Ego

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