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The witness

The witness

Witness, observe with full attention in this now moment.

Need proof there is only this NOW moment? Read more from one of my many favorite humble humans guiding humanity toward grace.

A human being has never experienced the future, all future thoughts happen in this now moment.

All past thoughts are experienced in this now moment.

Contemplate upon this for a moment,

Every time you think creating thought it is always in this now moment.

Your not traveling physically into the future thinking a thought then traveling back to the spot you left.

Nor do you travel back in time to think a thought, experiencing it to package  it up to witness it in this present moment.

All thoughts from the mind (lower-self ego) are created in this now moment, even our emotions are experienced here and now as they ebb and flow like the waves of our oceans.

When you begin to witness awareness aware of your thinking thoughts you’re be able to live in such peace.

Knowing you have total control of your fears and anxiety in this moment.

Ask yourself “what is the trigger here with this thought I’m thinking”?

” Is is related to my past”?

“Is attached to a future possible outcome”?

Usually fears and anxiety are from concerns of  future outcomes that may occur.

Depression or sadness can stem from past experiences, loses, mistakes, or regrets just to name a few, again all just thoughts you are experiencing and re-creating in this now moment.

Become aware, of awareness, being aware.

Witness without judgment just curiosity and start to discern which thoughts you wish to feed and cultivate or drop like a hot potato.

Awareness = primary     Thought = secondary!

Become the witness with full attention in every now moment, and when your mind wonders into the past or future ‘just’ gently bring your full attention back to the witness of the mind.

Now your expansion + mind (ego) without fear or anxiety = your GPS 

The witness

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