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Thought’s are within our control.

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Thought’s are within our control.

Every thought you think and emotion you feel we have full control over, as thoughts and feelings are not real.

They only appear and ‘feel-as-if’ they are in this time space reality, the truth being thoughts come and go, ‘if’ they were real they would be permanent.

They feel permanent because we place all our attention on them and thus create more of the same thoughts until be experience  more evidence in our day to day life.

Every vibration emits it’s frequency to match another of liking.

A negative vibration emits a different frequency from a positive, meaning it’s impossible to think of something negative and attract a positive thought.

You have to ‘stop’ the negative thought in it’s tracks and ask ” do I wish to attract another thought with this vibration or would I prefer to start the train of thoughts on the positive railroad track”?


When you experience thoughts that are hard wired within your brain computer state:


“I have total control of my thoughts at this moment”.

“Do I choose to engage in these thoughts”?  Yes?  no?

If not, “what do I choose to think in this moment to feel a little better”?

Have fun with this as it’s easy once you get the hang of it.

Thought’s are within our control.

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