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Wayne Dyers movie the Shift

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Wayne Dyers movie the Shift

The Shift by DR Wayne W. Dyer is a life changer.

These virtues I’ve absorbed practiced and do my best currently to live moment by moment, day by day, as life is our curriculum.

This movie The shift by Wayne dyer is outstanding to assist  you also day by day.

It’s a never ending school of learning, practicing, letting go, trusting, surrendering knowing all is co-created with source.

Wayne Dyers the shift move will assist you learning to surrender.

The small 112 page companion book of Wayne dyers the shift, as it will be a tool to use daily for many years, referring back to over and over to absorb these truths.

I encourage you all to watch the movie on-line (small sample on above link) and purchase the book for your bedside nourishment.

As in doing so I promise this will certainly change your outlook, mental dialogue, how you interact with your fellow humans and the way you perceive the world.

If you’ve ever wanted a more powerful step by step way to tame your EGO this is your chance to gain the principles.

It’s an amazing book and will truly change your life and outlook on your earth journey.

Once you’ve watched the movie post me your thoughts, it will be so wonderful to hear your stories in how this guidance resonates with your heart.

Wayne Dyers movie the Shift

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