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What You Focus On Expands

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What You Focus On Expands

Yes, it’s a primary universal law that whatever you focus on expands.
Every word, sentence and thought no-matter, it will expand and draw unto it the vibrational match.

This law works 100% on inclusion never exclusion.

This is the law of attraction at play.

Therefore as examples if you state ” I have no money” I know what your really wanting and stating the fact you need some because you don’t have much currently.
Yet under the universal inclusion law because you are focused on ‘not having enough money currently’ it will match that emotional statement Inclusion, expand upon it and give you exactly what your asking for. Lack of money.
In order to attract something you must ‘align’ yourself with the desire of your wanting ‘as-if’ you already own it.
As an example from the above state: I AM abundant in all areas of my life”. Or perhaps: My needs are met daily with ease”.
See how I’m stating not only something believable especially ‘if’ we have a little less than we desire, yet I’m also stating it in this NOW moment as-if I already own it.
Here’s is another really cool law; you have 17 seconds to change your thoughts to a positive expansion outcome when you catch the negative unwanted desire thought-form.
If you’d like to read further information on how thoughts create click here.

The entire universe is comprised of numerology and 17 adds up to 8 the infinity sign.

What goes around comes around, just like the boomerang.

NOW you have three powerful universal laws to create with:
Everything you focus upon EXPANDS allowing you to experience peace or love, perhaps compassion then expanding out into and across the world to assist this shift we are currently under.
The Source only works on INCLUSION never exclusion.
17 SECONDS to ask yourself “do I wish to EXPAND this outcome”.
Enjoy your expansion.

What You Focus On Expands

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