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What’s your favorite crystal?

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What’s your favorite crystal?

Citrine?  Kyanite?  Jet?  Dioptase?  Or perhaps Shungite or any of the Quartz family?

Post your favorite and stories why.

Once ‘all’ entry’s received ‘we’ will pick a winner based on the most unique story, healing or experience and they will win a 3 card Angelic reading from the Angel Prayers oracle or the Angel guide oracle.

Think of a question you have been wanting an answer to or perhaps just allow the Angels to reveal to you what you need to know for your highest good and purpose currently.

The 3 card reading will reveal your answer♥

What’s your favorite crystal?

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Linda Thatcher
Linda Thatcher
2 months ago

Favorite crystal? I’ll save that for a better story: At a time when I needed to express myself clearly, the idea of getting a lapis crystal kept coming up. I saw lapis everywhere: at a gift shop, at the mall, in rock stores. However, for some reason, I didn’t think I was “worthy” of that stone. It was expensive. There was something holding me back, some past life memory of Egypt? I didn’t trust I could use the powerful stone, frankly. So it seems Fear was running the show. Then I found a lapis mala, a “necklace” of round lapis stones I started using for a daily gratitude exercise; on each of the 108 beads, I’d declare something to be grateful for. The idea that Fear was no longer serving me came up, was looked at and put to rest with other outdated, worn ideas. By the way, lapis is good for writers. And I obviously like telling a good story.

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