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Your personal crystal.

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Your personal crystal.

Are you so stressed, all in your head needing to be grounded?

Is your heart heavy with current worldly events?

Do you feel your stomach in nots trying to process and juggle the ‘new’ norm?

What about all the unknowns the future has install for us, how are you coping with uncertainty?

Well we have a very special way to address, assist and release these mental emotions. We want you to know that ‘everything’ is energy vibrating at different levels, crystals emit an energy frequency that can match the energy frequency it come’s in contact with, your unique frequency.

Assisting you to become grounded, centered, balanced with clarity of mind, stable emotions, sound peaceful sleep and abundant energy just to name a few ways they guide us humans.

You can also use these crystals for the animals that reside within your homes allowing them to come back into a balanced state, even combing their energy field with Selenite, OH they so love this act of love!

By allowing your personal guardian angel to converse with Lezia’s we will determine which crystal or crystal’s match your current circumstances, emotions, challenges and your life purpose.

Once the information is revealed you can browse your local crystal shop or on-line to gain guardianship of these Divine crystal beings.

Book your first reading via zoom live together-just 20 minutes @ $30

Your personal crystal.

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